ORU Years - (1969 - 1988)







In August 1969, I returned to

College at ORU and joined the

World Action Singer Tech Crew

as sound engineer.  Here we're

posing for a picture with singer

Lou Rawls and Oral Roberts.

(I'm the one in the upper left.)











Besides my schooling and

tech crew duties, I also was

involved with the Educational

Media Department.  Here I'm

running audio for one of the

educational media programs in

the LRC Educational TV Studio

 in December 1970.











Here I am running sound for

one of many ORU Laymen's

Seminar which were usually

scheduled about one every

 other weekend on the ORU

 Campus.  8AM to 10PM made

for some long days, but I did

get a lot of experience doing



















In May of 1972, I graduated from

ORU with a Bachelor of Sciences

Degree in Math and a Secondary

Education minor.  











After graduation, I got my 

first apartment and always

enjoyed a steady stream of

special friends and guests like

the night of 11/8/72 when

my friends Mary, Brenda and

Kathie Lee (Epstein) Gifford

baked cookies in my kitchen.

Who could resist such a nice

"thank-you" from Mary and

Kathie Lee (left).










In addition to my new

apartment, I also took

the position of Audio

Engineer for the Mabee

Center in Tulsa.  Here I

am on 1/24/73 at the

PA Console.








more to come...


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