Spurrlow Tour - (1968 - 1969)


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Travel and sight-seeing are

great, but we've got work to

do. In addition to the musical

portion of each high school

 assembly, a law enforcement

officer from the area would

 give a three to four minute

 talk stressing the importance

of driver education and and

traffic safety.  This New York

State Trooper was with our

 group for most of our stay

 in New York,  and became

like one of our group.







Enough talk!  Now, time for

more music.  Here is a picture

 taken on the closing note of

the "Animal Medley" at a high

school in New York.  Each

assembly included two or

more costume changes, and

this was one of my favorites.

How about that for unusual









Here is a shot taken during the

"Patriotic Medley" at another

large high school in New York.

  Looks like Jan (left) didn't have

enough time to put on her red

shoes to match her patriotic

outfit like Debbie and Melanie.

And don't ask me exactly what

it is that Thurlow is doing!









And finally, here is a shot

from the show closer with

everyone dressed in their

"Chrysler Blues".  This was

no doubt one of the favorite

 costume changes, at least

for the high school boys on

the front rows.








Even thought my two Altec

mixers, Neumann mics and 

A7 speakers are no match

for today's sound systems,

no one ever complained of

not hearing every note.  As

you can probably tell from

my expression, this was a

fun job!  Front-row seats to

 more than 500 concerts in 9

 months.  What more could

you ask for?






By December, we were

headed toward Detroit

where we would present

the 4th annual Christmas

Splendor at the Masonic

Temple.  Here is a shot of

Terry's trumpet solo in the

Christmas Splendor.  This

concert concluded the first

half of our tour.  Now it's

home for Christmas and

some much needed rest.




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