Spurrlow Tour - (1968 - 1969)



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In the evenings we would

usually stay in the homes of

families from the churches

where we performed that

night.  Of course, there was

always food waiting when

we arrived.  September 11th,

Phil, Buddy and Ralph are

grabbing a quick bed-time

snack.  Then it will be up at

5AM to head to our next

high school assembly in

Akron, Ohio.





Every 10 - 14 days we'd get a

night off.  On most occasions

we'd get to spend the night at

a motel or hotel (4 to a room).

Here Marva, Renee and Jan,

tired after a long day and 

getting lost on the way to the

hotel, sit along the curb on

their suitcases, disgusted to

find we had driven for hours

and had finally ended up at 

the wrong hotel.






Nights spent in motels were

always very exciting especially

 if you ended-up sharing a room

with Phil and Terry.  They had

quite a ritual of "destroying" the

room upon entry.  (I guess they

liked that "lived-in" look.)  Here

they are in a motel room on our

night off.









September 18th, Tom Sawyer

Motel in Albany, NY.   No night

off would be quite complete

without a stop at the nearest

Kentucky Fried Chicken and

Dunkin' Donut shops.  Here

James is eating his donut as

Terry stands on the bed and

Phil sits on his chair on the

bed.  A night off just can't get

any better than this!   In the

morning we'll be heading for

 Lake Placid








September 20th.  In spite of

a very hectic travel schedule

there was always time to stop

and get a picture.  Here Gary,

Gary, Richard, Melanie, Ron 

and Greg stop for a picture

with the changing foliage just

outside of Lake Placid.











At Lake Placid we had an

opportunity to do some

sight-seeing.   Here Debbie

and Terry pose for a picture

at the golf course.











Buddy and Sharalee just

couldn't resist getting into

the act too.  Having fun

and playing practical jokes

was one of the ways in

which were were able to

cope with the unrealistic

travel and performance







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