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1968-69 Chrysler Spurrlows Publicity Photo







On August 11, 1968, I departed from the

 San Francisco International Airport and 

headed for Detroit, Michigan where I would 

join up with 39 other college-age singers,

 instrumentalist and tech crew from all

across the country, to travel as the sound

engineer with a group called the Spurrlows.













Rehearsal camp was held at

Alma College in Alma, Michigan

where for several weeks our

days and nights were filled with

rehearsals, rehearsals and more






Singers and band members

had just two weeks to learn

the music and choreography

for 9 months of high school

 assemblies, evening church

concerts and special shows

called Splendors.  Our first

real concert was scheduled

for September 3rd in Detroit

where we would perform for

 the president of Chrysler.




August 28th dress rehearsal

for the new high school show,

"Music for Modern Americans".

This 45 - 50 minute, fast-paced,

musical program sponsored by

Chrysler, supported safe driving

thru driver education and traffic

safety.   Soon we'd embark on a

tour that would include over 500

high school assemblies, usually

three or four per day, in two or

three different high schools.




In addition to the hectic 

daytime concert schedule,

we were also booked to

perform 250 evening and

weekend church concerts

and Splendors from the

smallest of churches to 

some well-known places

like Constitution Hall, the

Gator Bowl and the 

Anaheim Convention







On September 2nd we boarded

our cars and left Alma College

 and headed to Detroit for our

very first concert.  We traveled

in 4 station wagons, a Chrysler

New Yorker,  a '69 Charger and

a large truck that carried all our

staging, sound equipment and

clothes.   On this 1968-69 tour,

we were scheduled to travel to

more than 40 states and drive

more than 50,000 miles.





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